Seaford Rotary Club Charter

Information provided by Seaford Rotary Club

Australia’s newest and perhaps most contemporary Rotary club has opened here in Seaford. Rotary is the world’s oldest and largest service organisation, commencing in Chicago in 1905. There are over 1.2 million members worldwide, with just over 30,000 in Australia, all working to bring about positive changes in their local and global communities.

Why start a Rotary Club in Seaford?

The idea was conceived by Rotary District Membership Chair Mark Huddleston, who recognised Seaford as one of the state’s fastest growing regions, but a region without service club representation. “Sadly, Rotary’s membership is in decline in Australia” said Mark, “but the work we do is in ever increasing demand. On the surface, Seaford is an idyllic location, nestled between the vineyards and the coast, but when you scratch beneath the surface, issues such as food security, domestic violence, homelessness and youth disaffection are real issues.”

Rotary brings together passionate, community minded citizens who can achieve real change as a team. One of the keys to the successful chartering of this club in a climate of service club decline is the version of Rotary being offered.

Mark explained “We wanted to create a fun, flexible and family friendly club, with a strong focus on volunteering, and less expectation on attending meetings.” Unlike most Rotary clubs which meet weekly in the same location, the Rotary Club of Seaford meets fortnightly in various locations, most without an expectation of buying a meal. Meetings are casual and productive, and anyone is welcome to attend.


Above: Chris with members of the Seaford Rotary Club

The club has been working hard in the area since a small interest group formed in 2015. Activities have included working bees at a community garden in Aldinga Beach, sponsorship of students to attend Youth Parliament, a donation of swings for children in Cambodia and sponsorship of the Aldinga Community Christmas Luncheon. A number of members even gave up their time on Christmas Day to volunteer at the luncheon. The club has also combined resources with local charity Breakfastbellies to provide Easter eggs and Christmas Hampers to needy families. The club raises funds for its projects through regular sausage sizzles at Bunnings Seaford and a range of other community events.

“We are certainly on the lookout for new members” said Mark, “and the bonus of joining our club in its infancy is that you have a chance to help establish the culture and direction of a new club. Nothing is set in concrete, we are keen for new ideas.” Rotary is a great way to meet new friends and connect with a truly global network whilst developing leadership and expanding one’s horizons.

The best way to find out more information about club activities and upcoming meetings is through the club’s website or ring President Cecilie Cardwell on 0422 020 066.

Below: Charter members at club charter cocktail party at Maslin Beach Pioneer Hall November 2016


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