Aldinga Transport Campaign

*Note* This is an archived page. Since this campaign we have achieved three key goals:

  • The Seaford rail line is now open and our new electric trains are larger, faster, quieter, smoother and safer. Our first electric trains will operate on the line - with more to be delivered over coming months.
  • We’ve won our campaign for better bus services for Aldinga. Because of our campaign Labor has committed to express bus services between Aldinga and the new electric trains, saving at least 20 minutes off the previous travel time. Further, Labor has announced a big boost of 10 extra daily bus services on weekdays between Aldinga and Seaford. You can find new train and bus times online at or by calling the InfoLine on 1300 311 108.
  • We’ve won our campaign to purchase the rail corridor to Aldinga. Labor has committed to this important first step to get the rail down to Aldinga. Thank you to everyone who signed up to my campaign - we did it!

Below is the archived campaign.


I have talked to dozens of residents across Aldinga who have raised the need for faster transport. I'm passionate about this because it means more time to spend with your family and better economic opportunities for our region.

Labor has been investing heavily to improve transport for residents in the South including the duplication of the Southern Expressway and the extension and electrification of the Noarlunga rail line to Seaford. The growing population of Aldinga means it is important to continue investing in local public transport.

Please fill in the petition below and join the campaign for better public transport to Aldinga Beach so that we can build a Stronger South.

Improving transport for Aldinga

The growing population of Aldinga means it is important to continue investing in local public transport. To catch a bus and train to the city currently takes over 90 minutes and has up to 76 stops. To reduce the commute time we support:

  • An express bus service from Aldinga Beach to connect to the new electric trains at Seaford
  • Securing land for a future rail line from Seaford to Aldinga
GOAL: 200 signatures

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